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Desiccant Bags DESI PAK®

Highly active desiccants are illed in bags made of water vapor permeable ilm materials of adequate durability. As ilm materials non-wovens, composites, paper and Tyvek® can be utilized. Our DESI PAK® desiccant bags provide a simple, dependable and economical solution for preventing moisture damage in enclosed packages. Placed within a sealed package or container, DESI PAK® will protect any number of products, including semiconductors, electronics, cartons of food, or even large machinery. By using DESI PAK® desiccant bags, the relative humidity can be reduced below 40% r.h. inside the packaging and therefor ofer a reliable protection against corrosion and other moisture damages.

Usage scenarios

Used to protect a variety of goods as they travel through the supply chain, our bags comply with rigorous industry and government standards including FDA, DIN, Mil-Spec, and JEDEC. Commonly used for semiconductor dry packing, preservation packaging and export packaging, with typical applications including electronic devices, food packaging, equipment, automotive parts, machinery, military goods, metal components and many other valuables.


  • Safe for direct use with food products
  • Safe & easy to handle
  • Dispose with normal industrial waste

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    Desi Pak® protects Product from the damaging effects of moisture during shipping and transport. Its high performance enables more absorption with less desiccant, making it a cost effective and economical solution.

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